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“You!!” Yan Lu’s pupils shrank. Wang Lin’s appearance was simply too terrifying. His dried-up body looked like there was no blood left in him. Even if you were to open a wound on his body with a sword, no blood would come out.

His hair was dried to the point that it looked like it was going to fall off. Wang Lin’s withered body had no trace of water left inside. If not for his powerful origin soul, he would seem no different than a dead person.

That white robe around him was very loose, as if it was wrapped around a corpse. The terrifying feeling coming from Wang Lin’s body made Yan Lu retreat several steps.

There was also Fan Shanmeng, who was fighting with the Yi Si Puppet. When she got a good look at Wang Lin, she also retreated and gasped. Her eyes were filled with fear.

“What is he cultivating.... To end up like this!?”

When Wang Lin’s hoarse voice echoed, the Yi Si Puppet turned back into fog and flew back to him. Its ferocious eyes and scarlet tongue matched with Wang Lin’s current appearance. It made Wang Lin look like a ferocious demonic cultivator!

“Yan Lu, I’m in closed door cultivation. Why did you come here?” Wang Lin was like a dead man after losing all the water in his body. Even his eyes had lost the ability to turn, so he had to turn his head to look at Yan Lu.

However, not only did his action not lower his aura, it made it even stronger. Yan Lu’s heart trembled and she retreated a few more steps.

“I didn’t intend to disturb Alder Wang’s closed door cultivation. However, Shanmeng was being attacked by Elder Wang’s strange puppet, so I came to save her.”

“This woman is my maid. There’s no need for Elder Yan Lu to worry about her on my behalf.” Wang Lin smiled, but his smile was terrifying with that dried-up face. Fan Shanmeng trembled and retreated behind her teacher.

“This matter is not urgent at this moment. Elder Yan Lu, I have something I’d like to ask!” Wang Lin turned his head and looked at Fan Shanmeng with his terrifying eyes before he spoke to Yan Lu.

“I wonder what elder Wang wants to ask…” Yan Lu’s expression was rather solemn. She felt fear toward Wang Lin from the bottom of her heart.

“I’m not familiar with the Heavenly Bull Continent. Do you know any place with a lot of water… It would be best if it was a giant ocean!” Wang Lin said, and his voice was like two bones rubbing together.

“Water… He isn’t cultivating a spell but absorbing water essence!” Yan Lu’s eyes lit up and she immediately saw the problem. She took a deep breath, and after a moment, she said, “Between the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent, there is an endless inland sea. It is about nine months away…”

“How do I get there?” There was a sliver of ghostly light in Wang Lin’s eyes.

Yan Lu didn’t hesitate to wave her right hand. A jade appeared and her divine sense entered it to imprint a map going to that inland sea.

She threw the jade toward Wang Lin. He caught it, and after scanning it with his divine sense, he nodded at Yan Lu.

“Elder Yan Lu, many thanks!” With that, Wang Lin waved his sleeve and didn’t even look at Fan Shanmeng again. He turned into a mass of fog and flew away.


The Yi Si Puppet followed after Wang Lin, and after it fused with the fog, Wang Lin put it away. At the same time, Wang Lin’s fire essence true body looked up. It followed Wang Lin and disappeared into the distance.